Nappy and Happy- 6 years Natural

Nappy and Happy- 6 years Natural

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            I’m young, My hair is wild, and I am free.

I love Sanaa Lathan new haircut. She looks beautiful. I want to cut mines off, but I'm not quite ready yet. The writers for the movie Nappily Ever After did an excellent job. I can relate to the film in so many ways, at the beginning of the movie Sanaa Lathan boyfriend describe her as perfect and a person who didn’t live life on the edge. She worried so much about her hair and keeping this ideal image.

The beginning of my perm journey.

The mom in the film reminded me so much of my mother. My mother loves when my hair is nicely flat ironed. Me, on the other hand, I like to try different hairstyles. Throughout my elementary, middle school, and high school years I was #teamperm. I’ve tried a lot of different perms, Just for me kid perms, and super adult box perms all for the love of taming my hair. Every month I would get a perm to lay these napps down. I used to have my sister perm my hair when I didn’t go to the beauty shop, and I even tried once during a perm on my hair, and it came out ok.

I was a little girl when I got my first perm. I asked my mom why she permed my hair so young and she said: " it was too thick and that was the only way she could manage it." I dreaded hair time when I was younger, I was tender headed and was not a fan of the comb getting stuck in my hair causing my mom to yank my head to make little ponytails. The worst part about getting perms was the chemical burns. The burn sensation and the hard patches that get stuck on your scalp, that was not a good feeling at all. A long time ago I remembered going swimming right before I got a perm and OMG! In my Alicia Keys voice” My hair was on fire” lol yes! My head felt like it was on fire. I thought all my hair fell off inside the washing bowl. I will never ever forget that moment.

Enough! I’m going natural-Transitioning phase

I decided to go natural in 2012. Starting out, I stayed on youtube watching all kinds of videos on natural hair. I was worried about going natural at the beginning because I kept hearing all the newly natural folks talk about 'THE BIG CHOP.'

The moment of truth! It was time to make my appointment to get my hair done. By this point, I haven't been to the beauty shop in a while.

Ok! Today is the day. I remember my beautician began to comb my hair out and that's when she said, “you grew half your perm out, all I need to do is trim the ends”. That was music to my ears. So yes ladies, You can grow your perm out.

Six Years natural.

Yes! It’s been six years so far, and I am glad I decided to go natural. I became more creative with trying different protective hairstyles thanks to YouTube. The natural hair struggle is real though. During my six-year hair journey, I've noticed my hair became thicker, and a little longer. The good thing about going natural is that you get to see your real curl pattern, I’m excited to see my hair curl up after I wash my hair. I do still flat iron my hair which looks bone straight just like the perm days. One thing for sure I am glad I know how to handle this wild bush. #TeamNatural!


I did not turn into a product junkie! So far these are my two-favorite go-to products. My favorite go-to hair gel is Eco styling gel. I love this gel. Eco gel + satin head scarf+ water = layed edges. This combination works! The shampoo I am using now is called Cantu Shea Butter. I like that after I'm done washing my hair, it makes my hair feel soft, and it's easy for me to detangle.

My shampoo I am now currently using. Cantu Shea Butter

My favorite hair gel. Eco styling gel

My hair journey.

I love trying different hairstyles. From wigs, braids, flat iron straight hair, and short hair quick weaves. I do whatever makes me happy. I don’t care who don’t like it; it’s my head.


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Blonde and bold

I laughed at the scene in the movie when Sanaa was rocking the blonde hair. As you can see down below, that was my first time wearing a full blonde wig. I wanted to color my hair with different bold colors, but I didn't want to bleach my real hair. So I would typically play it safe with dark colors. That’s why I love wigs; you can try different wild colors without damaging your hair.

My stormy wig

My stormy wig


Do you boo!

The movie Nappily Ever After was an eye-opener on showing women you can be beautiful by embracing your natural hair. If you wear your hair big, bald, short, braided, be proud! Your hair is your crown, so show it off. It’s all about loving the skin you’re in.

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