It all started January 2015. The Ladies Café Lounge was created on a day I was lounging on the couch watching TV. I was laid off when my blog was born. It was my first time being laid off from a job, I was scared and worried, but thank god for my parents who have truly been a blessing in my life. When I got laid off my parents would always encourage me to keep my head up, and give all my situations to God. I did have my moments where I cried not understanding God's plan, but I knew I needed to utilize this down time to get some things in order. So with all the free time I had, I would wake up every morning fix breakfast, check my e-mails, and apply for jobs. My layoff was part of the plan to get me closer to God, and guess what it worked. I give all my problems and battles to god. Being laid off was not a vacation, I prayed asking God, what was my next step in life. I asked every day for answers. One day out of the blue, I decided to start my first blog. This was the point in my life where I knew I needed to take the leap of faith and just do it. Action time! I blog on this very topic. You can speak about your vision and dreams all day long, but action is what set the plan in motion. My life is far from perfect, but with God and great parents, my dreams are now a reality. I am grateful to have those who helped me along the way. I hope you ladies are ready! The Ladies Café Lounge is now OPEN!