Dear Cupid,

It's that time again, red and pink everywhere teddy bears🐻  and candy overload🍫, all up and down the isles at the stores. Eww! Just joking.😝😄  What is it about this day that has people going nuts. 

It could all be so simple

In my Lauren Hill voice “It could all be so simple, but you'd rather make it hard.” Thank you, Lauren Hill, for making this song, your lyrics speak volumes to me. I've been in past relationships/ siturationship where I realize the number one problem that it didn’t work out was communication.

Be Humble

Kendrick Lamar said it best "Be humble” We live in a world where jealousy envy, and materialistic flows deep in the air. So many people are caught up in the glitz and glam.

Letting Go

It's been a minute since I wrote on my blog. I have been on a journey where I tried hard to figure things out in my love life. I came to a point in my life that I realize I needed to cut the cord from Mr. Ex. Letting go is hard, but I knew I deserve better.

Comparing yourself to others.

Some folks look at other peoples lives and think Hmmm! I want what they have, or I prayed,  and God is blessing others and not me. Jealousy is an ugly characteristic to have. Oh! And don't get me started on social media A.K.A fairytale land.